Stream this pow­er­ful video brief­ing on the Top 10 Fem­i­nist Moments 2018

From the women’s wave sweep­ing Con­gress to sur­vivors speak­ing their truth, here are the top 10 fem­i­nist moments that defined 2018.

When bril­liant women work togeth­er, great things hap­pen

At the cur­rent rate of progress, the World Eco­nom­ic Forum says that the glob­al gen­der pay gap won’t be closed until 2020

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Has Digital Media Killed Automotive Trade Publications or Have They Killed Themselves ?

Are Automotive Trade and Consumer Magazines, Publications, & Websites Killing Themselves?

Is the Digital Media Carnage coming into niche auto publishing models?
Is there too much media for so few auto industry advertisers?
Are automotive industry trade publications becoming irrelevant?
Is the auto trade publication trade business model unsustainable?
Can auto trade pubs keep accomplishing an unattainable media business?

See the Red in the "How Digital Media Killed Itself' article posted and consider.

Solution To & For a Big Problem:
Dealerships Loaded With Unsold New Cars

The Industry Problem:
3.95 Million New Cars are in Inventory at Dealerships

The Dealer Solution:
Begin Immediate Transition to becoming a Total Transportation Center - No longer just a Dealership Selling & Servicing Cars


Learn What Kills a Sale and Why?

How New Platform from The Appraisal Lane Solves the Customer Vehicle Valuation Problem

The Appraisal Lane Vehicle Appraisal process utilizes Black Book valuation data in conjunction with market insights and deep appraisal knowledge across all makes and models to assess each used vehicle on its own merit and provides consumers with the best possible cash offer.

How Data Science & Human Market Knowledge Combine to make Vehicle Appraisal More Accurate, Fair, & Profitable:

Black Book and The Appraisal Lane share the same fundamentals of combining data science with human touch to most accurately determine a vehicle’s value,” BlackBook values, coupled with The Appraisal Lane’s live cash offers, effectively put the dealership trade-in process right in the palm of a consumer’s hand.
Dealers that offer this experience are poised to improve prospect engagement, increase business, and stand apart from the competition.”

Study this PDF document for just how this breakthrough vehicle appraisal process works
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Tim BranhamNew Senior Vice President, Chief Technology OfficerAutoWeb - 12/31/1969

Branham brings more than 25 years of experience in technology infrastructure and strategy to AutoWeb. Most recently, he served as a partner at Perficient, Inc. (PRFT), a leading digital transformation consulting firm.

Since  August 2018, Branham has been working closely with AutoWeb’s senior team as a consultant to evaluate all critical systems, processes and support functions across the IT infrastructure.
Prior to Perficient, Branham served as chief information officer for Fujitsu Americas, a global information and communications technology company, where he was responsible for overseeing the IT strategy and operations of its North American division.

While at Fujitsu, he was pivotal in reducing operating expenses across the entire IT department through contract renegotiations, moving 75% of application server workloads to the cloud, reorganizing support staff and outsourcing non-essential infrastructure operations.

Tim is a decorated U.S. Army veteran, having begun his career in the Infantry as a Ranger.

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Should Car Owners & Fleets Pay More Gas Tax to Fix Roads & Bridges

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